- Meet Our Makers -










Anna Stacey

Anna has a vision for improving and enriching the lives of others less fortunate by using her professional fashion expertise as a force for good in less developed countries by providing free training and upskilling, paying fair living wages, and treating makers with dignity and respect.

Anna has worked in the fashion industry for over ten years, including stints with some of Australia’s top design houses. She won the 2006 State Medal for Fashion Design (TAFE NSW) in addition to other awards. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design and a B.A.in Visual Art. 

Her aim is to design beautiful, original hand-made clothing to help promote fair trade as a fashion force to be reckoned with, to support the fashion industry in becoming more ethical and sustainable.


Ibu and Pak Eko

This is Ibu and Pak Eko and their two young children. They are a very diligent family from Java who have a very disciplined work ethic to provide the best of quality to Stitch'd and this is to also provide for their children's futures. They are now in the process of building their first home and every month with the help of Stitch'd they continue to buy literal bricks and mortar to help their house be finished so their children will have a safe family home. They are the building blocks of Stitch'd and continue to provide work to single mums to be able to work from home while getting well paid to put food on their children's table.



Pak and Ibu Febri...

Pak & Ibu Febri have two daughters Kadek and Febri. They have a small tailoring business set up in their home. Their dreams for the future are to have an actual shop that they could work from. Stitch'd provides them with funds to be able to save for this dream by providing sustainable work with a fair wage. 


Ibu Maya

This is Ibu Maya she has four children including a set of twin girls. Her husband works very hard to provide for his family but having such a big family it can be tough economically. Ibu Maya also makes bags, wallets and table settings and this income helps her put food on the table for her family.



Pak Romy

This is Pak Romy from Java who has a small business hand looming winter knitwear for us. He sadly lost his wife to sickness & his small business helps him keep his children in school. Stitch'd has enabled him to build his business as his handwoven cardi's, sweaters, ponchos and beanies always sell like hotcakes!