Styling Tips in an Upside-Down World

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With the sudden leap for many of us to working from home full-time, life has turned upside-down. Work's now virtual and meshed into home. We go from work duties to home ones and back the next moment, so our clothing needs are professional-meets-personal-meets-weekend-comfort. All in the one outfit. So how do we do that and look good too?

We are sitting down more than ever before. Our work meetings are now virtual. And our kids live life, laugh and shout in the background. We may not be commuting but we have even less time than before. Not surprisingly, our clothing needs are changing - what are your priorities at the moment? 

We have identified the need not only for comfort, but also for outfits that allow us to do that crazy and constant transition from the demands of home to work and back, as we are often doing both at once. Throw in a couple of Zoom meetings and suddenly our clothing needs go into mash-up overdrive: practical-meets- professional-meets-personal-meets-weekend-comfort. Yup. All in the one outfit. Every day.

So how do you look professionally appropriate, experience total comfort, be ready for practical tasks yet still feel stylish? We are going to bring you a series of quick style tips on this topic.

Style Tip #1 – wear combinations of loose-fitting and slim-fitting items together, not all loose-fitting together and not all slim-fitting together: so, a loose-fitting top with slim-fitting bottoms, or a slim-fitting top with loose-fitting bottoms.

Here a couple of winning combinations we have put together – try our fitted Sophia top with loose-fit Carla pants, or our flowing Hayley top with fitted Kylie tights. The best part is, all are made with natural fibres and stretch fabrics, comfort fits and elastic waists ….